Month: June 2014


Hey Moon friend!

Today I’m going to tell you about my latest hobby/addiction/obsession. Since Game of Thrones 4th season was about to end, I had to find a good replacement – and fast.

Some friends advised me to try a show called Hannibal, about the infamous cannibal Hannibal Lecter. They told me it was dark, bloody and completely addictive. Well, they couldn’t be more right. It’s a show with great features: It has a pretty decent cast (starring Mads Mikkelsen from 007: Casino Royale and The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman and Laurence Fishburne from The Matrix); it has an amazing photography (makes me think serial killer work is beautiful!) and it’s one of those shows where you never know what to expect. It’s all about profiling serial killers and deception, but with a lot more blood and perversion than usual(hell yes!). I wouldn’t compare it to any police drama I’ve seen before, I’m completely hooked.

Make sure you check it out, don’t be a scared little girl who can’t handle a bit of blood(and organs)!

The second season ended already, but I leave you with the trailer for the first and some photos of the cast.

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Find out why people fear Friday 13ths

Being wary of Friday the 13th is much more than a quaint superstition observed by a few uneducated people in distant, unreachable towns and hamlets. In the United States alone, it is estimated that between 17 and 21 million people dread that date to the extent that it can be officially classified as a phobia.
So why is Friday the 13th considered such an “evil” day?
The origins aren’t perfectly clear, but we do know that both Friday and, separately, the number 13 have long been considered unlucky and it was around the late 19th century that the first documented instances started popping up of people putting the two together to form the unluckiest day of all.

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