Jimi Hendrix Movie “All is by my side”

Hey everyone!

A movie about Jimi Hendrix’s life is coming out next September, and the trailer was released today.

I’m not sure what to expect. I’m excited that they are making a movie about this incomparable legend, but I’m afraid there’s no way to portrait such flow, no matter how good of an actor you are. Andre 3000, from Outkast, is playing Jimi, by the way. Well, fear of getting way too high expectations aside, I’m stoked. The writer/director, John Ridley, also wrote “12 years a slave”, so we’re counting on him to make a masterpiece. Check out the trailer and some photos I’ve put together.



Photo of Jimi Hendrix 10
covertwaragrockcover4 1
10 Jimi-Hendrix

Love or Confusion,




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