Month: September 2014

Z. Mutt (Horse Head Cutters)

Com cerca de nove anos de existência, os Horse Head Cutters são das bandas mais interessantes a dar cartas no panorama musical de Leiria. Quem vê ao vivo não esquece, e quem não viu é para esquecer. São eles Z.Mutt na voz, Dirty Gomez no baixo, Pedro Costa na guitarra e Paulo Ladeiras na bateria. Os seus concertos primam por uma energia e excentricidades épicas, dignas de Hall of Fame do Rock, aliadas ao facto de todos serem músicos virtuosos como o caraças.

Fã de filmes da Disney, acanhado por natureza e dono de uma identidade musical inigualável, Z. Mutt aceitou responder a umas perguntas sobre o seu percurso artístico, fazendo-nos descobrir o que move uma estrela do Rock.

10366236_684826171572144_8996130977296907102_nFotografia de Tiago Cardoso

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Summer Vacation

Long time, no see Moon lovers!

I’m sorry I’ve been away, but I took a 2 week vacation that eventually turned into 3, if you count with a sick leave.

I’m using my last free time to write ’cause I go back to work on Monday. Although I’m posting from my bed, I’ve had the most amazing vacation!

I’ll tell you all about it in two chapters: Road trip week and Festival week.


Road trip week

Road trip week was amazing. I decided to travel South with my boyfriend, so we took my car and just went for some fun in the sun. The first stop was a town called Campo Maior, where I have a little cousin who I hadn’t seen in years. We spent some time with her at the pool and gave her swimming lessons. She was delighted, and so were we. By night we visited the town’s celebrations, where everything was covered in flowers and looked quite beautiful.

For the second part of our road trip, we headed to the beautiful city of Évora, where we stayed at the best Inn in the country: Pousada dos Loios. It used to be a convent, so all the rooms are cells where the canons used to sleep. We both had visited the town before, so we didn’t go sightseeing and chose to stay at the Inn, enjoying the comfort it provided. We got a beautiful tan at the pool, had a wonderful meal at the restaurant, shared a bubble bath and some port wine in the room. They had one of those old bath tubs that I love so much! Check it out.


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